Courier Journal: Megawatt chef Dean Corbett still transforming

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The following was written by Nancy Miller and was a special to the Courier Journal. Click here to read the full article.

Dean Corbett was in the restaurant business long before some of his employees learned to turn on a stove. He has been central to Louisville’s transformation from a picture of culinary mediocrity to one that’s bustling with culinary options and megawatt chefs.

If any food pro in town could be said to have done it all, it would be Corbett, who is the executive chef and owner of Equus and Jack’s Lounge and Corbett’s: an American Place and a partner in Ward 426.

He’s not a trendy chef, but he is one who recognizes that if a restaurateur doesn’t adapt to customers’ changing tastes and expectations, the doors will close with a resounding bang.

In 2008, he combined the menus of Equus and Jack’s, physically connected the two spaces and reimagined the interior to be more casual.

“There’s still a place for fine dining, but for us it was a matter of appealing to wider demographics, not just those who wanted tableside Caesar salad and flaming desserts,” he said.

He’s happy that Equus and Jack’s found a new identity and that customers embrace his concept of food and ambience at Corbett’s.

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